On the resilience of skin

STEEPED BY SAMIA #10 | 11.10.22 I’m developing a cordial relationship of sorts with my skin, wbu?? When the weather gets colder (that’s, like, 45-50° F in the South Bay…), my toes participate in a mysterious ritual. Every year, without fail. It starts with a tingling in the nighttime, that gives way to a burningContinue reading “On the resilience of skin”

Tea recipes for all your moods this fall

During my first year of postgrad, I can definitively tell you that I’ve been drinking a lot of good tea and mastered how I like to make it. So, you’re going to get all those fun details of what teas I like and how I prepare it. I definitely want to (spoiler alert: it’s notContinue reading “Tea recipes for all your moods this fall”

Reflections from a year of therapy

Because I was in Malaysia and COVID-19 spiked in the U.S. when I came back, I haven’t seen my therapist in about 6 weeks. And because my healthcare provider & my mental health insurance aren’t covering phone appointments and for related reasons, I basically won’t be seeing my therapist until COVID-19 calms down or theContinue reading “Reflections from a year of therapy”

Getting back into dream journaling

I once dream journaled for a stretch of time in 2013, and I recently read some of the journal entries again. They were so bizarre, but also made me curious to see what my dreams are like right now. Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold has helped me getContinue reading “Getting back into dream journaling”