I’m Samia (she/her), a Bay Area-based writer, listener, & tea enthusiast. ✨

I believe that the stories closest to your heart, are the ones that resonate with people the most.

As a copywriter, editor, & content strategist, I help people and businesses capture their stories and products in atmospheric language.

I’ve been writing on my blog since 2019 — you can catch up on my liminal thoughts & curiosities here!

My pathway has allowed me to do what I love: Storytelling & Community-building.

I studied English (Creative Writing emph.) at Mills College, where I planned events & provided peer support for the Asian & Muslim communities and residential students. Soon after college, I was the Editor & Content Lead at Kulfi Beauty, a South Asian-founded beauty brand — now at Sephora! I created Kulfi’s editorial platform Bites, helping to foster their early community & ethos.

Other unique South Asian + community-driven experiences I’ve been a part of: The 1947 Partition Archive; Bay Area Solidarity Summer (2020 cohort); South Asians for Black Lives; and South Asian Reading Challenge.

Highlights I’m Proud of 💫:

1. My senior thesis in college was 45 pgs. of a YA novel. The premise: A Muslim-Indian girl named Mina inherits mystical dream-related powers (ask me about it!) ☁️

2. I interned at Avalon Travel Publishing, and it is surreal to see my name in the credits of a book (search “Samia Abbasi Moon books” on Google Books) 📚

3. I’ve interviewed 30+ people — from Gen Z TikTokers, to prestigious chefs — receiving comments from interviewees such as: “Samia’s warmth made me feel so safe.” 🥰

4. My skin tone + undertone was the blueprint for Kulfi’s best-selling Main Match Concealer shade in Coco Crush (see my face on Sephora here!) 🍦

Let’s Chat on Social Media 💌:

Instagram: @by.samiabbasi
Twitter: @by_samiabbasi