Steep On This.

I started my blog in 2019, right after graduating college. I’ve been an avid journal-er and story-writer throughout my life, but blogging provided an interesting (& slightly scary!) new outlet. I wrote about my post-grad experience, books & writing, and created Dreams In-Progress, a series on career pathways.

My writing has grown with each curiosity I’ve followed.

— From making content for South Asian Reading Challenge, to creating an editorial platform with Kulfi Beauty. I recognize the value of telling stories that are emotionally resonant yet speak to the liminal thoughts and experiences we have — stories that don’t often find their way into mainstream conversations.

My blogging came to a halt with hopes of starting it up again someday. Now, at a point in time when it feels urgent to retrace my steps with writing (and with life, in general!), I’m beginning to feel excited about sharing my personal writing.

That’s how ‘Steeped by Samia’ came about.

STEEP /stēp/ : (v.) ‘to soak something in liquid so as to extract flavor or to soften it.’

On Steeped by Samia, I want to simmer on curiosities & memories to infuse new layers of understanding into them — to turn them over & over and examine new angles. I want to answer: Why is this topic interesting to me at this very moment? What am I really trying to say about it? I touch on topics such as childhood memories, creativity, digital culture, and more.

I want to be surprised by writing again, to feel its wonder.

— Like how eleven-year-old Samia felt when she would daydream & write for hours in her red Staples notebook. Far too often, my writing ideas fizzle out in energy; I never get to see them to their full potential. While building my rhythm with writing, I want to share these ideas with you. Oh, and like it’s namesake, there will definitely be some tea recommendations in store! —S.A.

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