Steep On This.

I started my blog in 2019, right after graduating college. I’ve been an avid journal-er and story-writer throughout my life, but blogging provided an interesting (& slightly scary!) new outlet. I wrote about my post-grad experience, books & writing, and created Dreams In-Progress, a series on career pathways.

My writing has grown with each curiosity I’ve followed.

— From making content for South Asian Reading Challenge, to creating an editorial platform with Kulfi Beauty. I recognize the value of telling stories that are emotionally resonant yet speak to the liminal thoughts and experiences we have — stories that don’t often find their way into mainstream conversations.

My blogging came to a halt with hopes of starting it up again someday. Now, at a point in time when it feels urgent to retrace my steps with writing (& with life, in general!), I’m beginning to feel excited about sharing my stories.

That’s how ‘Steeped by Samia’ came about.

STEEP /stēp/ : (v.) 1. to soak something in liquid so as to extract flavor or to soften it. 2. to surround or fill with a quality or influence.

On Steeped by Samia, I want to simmer on curiosities & memories to infuse new layers of understanding into them — to turn them over & over and examine new angles. I want to answer: Why is this interesting to me at this very moment? What am I really trying to say about it? I touch on topics such as childhood memories, creativity, digital culture, and more.

I want to be surprised by writing again, to feel its wonder.

— Like how eleven-year-old Samia felt when she would daydream & write for hours in her red Staples notebook. Far too often, my writing ideas fizzle out in energy; I never get to see them to their full potential. While building my rhythm with writing, I want to share these ideas with you. Oh, and like it’s namesake, there will definitely be some tea recommendations in store! —S.A.

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