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Dreams In-Progress Interview w/ Irena Huang Launches!


HIATUS – Dreams In-Progress was on hiatus in February because I was traveling in Malaysia. Production has now resumed and I hope to have a new post up soon.

NOMINATION – Want to nominate yourself or someone you know to be interviewed for Dreams In-Progress? Please fill out this quick Google form! Read the form description for nomination parameters. Self-nominations are highly encouraged.


Interview with Atlanta Rydzik (Jan. 18th, 2020):
Sociology pathway, transferring from community college to Stanford, honors thesis on media rep. of policing, applying to grad school, and being a first-gen. college student

Interview with Annabel Gong (Jan. 4th, 2020):
Marine Ecology pathway, LGBTQ+ resources in STEM, researching sharks over the summer, being a student leader in college, and applying to research-focused grad school

Interview with Safa Arshadullah (Dec. 21st, 2019): Advertising + Strategy pathway, PR internship, MAIP fellowship, thesis on Diversity & Inclusion, Watson fellowship, graduating early from Scripps, and being a third culture kid

Introduction to Dreams In-Progress (Dec. 14th, 2019):
this post provides more context and explores my thought process & vision for what I hope to achieve with this blog interview series


A: Dreams In-Progress focuses on the nonlinearity of pathways. I love learning about people’s mindsets and processes as they’re achieving their goals or figuring out what they want to do in life. This series examines the experiences of Millennials & Gen. Z-ers, who are still on their way from Point A to Point B in their lives. While the people I’ll feature have a variety of academic/career backgrounds, I aim to produce content that centers diversity and storytelling. My first interviews will feature college seniors and recent graduates to learn how they envision their futures.

I will be interviewing people to explore…
– How they’re taking steps toward their aspirations
– How they’re feeling in this chapter of their lives
– What challenges + aha! moments they’ve had
– What resources that have helped them along their journeys

A: This blog is great to read for…
Post-graduates who realize that they have so much to figure out after graduating
College students who are in the process of making their post-grad plans
High-schoolers who want a realistic/better sense of college and beyond
Anyone who wants connections to resources related to different industries and areas of study (English, Sociology, Computer Science, Biology, & more)
Anyone who is curious about how people navigate their circumstances to find their place in the world

A: The people I know in different areas of my life are all so complex and resilient. The conversations I’ve had during this early post-grad stage of my life have inspired me and affirmed that I’m not alone. I want to share stories, thoughts, and reflections that are specific yet resonant. I’m excited to see what unexpected themes and deep thoughts arise from my conversations. Stay tuned biweekly on Saturdays (PST)! –S.A.

Banner description: mural by Jet Martinez on Broadway Street, Oakland, CA | pC: Samia A.

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