Tea recipes for all your moods this fall

Fancy Teance Oolong Tea

During my first year of postgrad, I can definitively tell you that I’ve been drinking a lot of good tea and mastered how I like to make it. So, you’re going to get all those fun details of what teas I like and how I prepare it. I definitely want to (spoiler alert: it’s not that exciting!). I want to start buying from local & indie tea businesses, so definitely send me recommendations! I’ll go through how I make English Breakfast tea ft. a hand-held frother and then drop some of my favorite tea recipes, including my stovetop chai. Sufyan’s clickbait title for this article is “Revolutionize Your Tea: Hand-Held Frothers are all the Rage,” LOL.

My Daily Morning Tea: English Breakfast

  • Brand I use: Twining’s English Breakfast Tea (very colonial yup)
  • Microwave a tea bag in a mug of water for 1 MIN. 30 SEC. or use a water boiler and pour the water of the tea bag
  • Let the tea steep for 8-10 MIN.
  • Add a splash of Oatly Full-fat Oat Milk (the full-fat makes a huge difference imo). My dad and I became more lactose sensitive a couple of years ago and Oatly is great
  • And that’s itttt. Also, it isn’t a work day if I don’t reheat my tea at least 3x throughout the morning

All About Frothing:

  • Frothing my milk has been elevating my life a little lately. I bought a frother from IKEA in college and only recently started using it again.
  • If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll heat up 1/4th CUP of oat milk in a measuring cup for 45 SEC. in the microwave (make sure it doesn’t boil over, that happened to me last week lol). You can add a little honey or sugar to the milk if you want
  • Froth the milk for 5-10 SEC. I mix the milk into the tea and spoon the froth on top
  • Here are 2 hand-held frothers I recommend: IKEA Milk-frother ($3) (mine broke last week when my mom dropped it, so be careful with it lol) and I recently purchased the Zulay Original Milk Frother ($12). It’s a lot more powerful than the IKEA one and comes with a cute stand

Stove-Top Chai with a Dash of Pumpkin Spice

Wagh Bakri & Seri Songket Mango Chai

This is the way my family usually makes chai, but this is my spin on it. The pumpkin spice might be sacrilegious to you, but it’s for the fall vibes, ok? 🙂

  • Canonical Abbasi chai brand: Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Chai
  • For 1 serving, combine 3/4 mug of water with 1/2 mug of oat milk in a pot on the stove
  • Add 1.5 TSP. of chai, 1 TSP. of sugar, and a dash of pumpkin spice (optional; I use the McCormick Gourmet Pumpkin Spice) and stir it into the pot
  • Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for 6-10 MIN. on low heat (the longer you steep it, the stronger it’ll be)
  • Strain it in a strainer over your mug and enjoy!
  • I like to dip pieces of croissant or ritz crackers in my chai

Tea Pairings for Different Moods & Moments

Some Fall Vibes for You

I’m probably missing something, but these are my go-to teas and how I like to drink them!

Definitely do whatever you prefer in terms of steeping time, sweetness, and kinds of milk.

Hope you drink lots of cozy tea this fall! —S.A.

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