On losing & breaking things

STEEPED BY SAMIA #16 | 01.26.23 ‘My baby photos were lost in Solvang’ & other vignettes of objects well-loved. My mom’s super power is finding things. Whenever my siblings and I were looking for something, she’d find it and say, “See?? I’m a Finder Keeper!!” I think I inherited these powers — along with herContinue reading “On losing & breaking things”

The “Chocolate Mountain” & the adventure of searching for a childhood book

STEEPED BY SAMIA #7 | 10.23.22 On nostalgia & things from your childhood that you can’t remember clearly, that feel like an itch you can’t scratch. My elementary school memories are filled with warmth and wonder. Making stone soup and having an autumnal feast with my class in fourth grade. The school library transforming intoContinue reading “The “Chocolate Mountain” & the adventure of searching for a childhood book”

The harvest festival & the power of make-believe

STEEPED BY SAMIA #5 | 9.15.22 My backyard slipped away, as the world of the harvest festival took shape. Growing up, my brother and I went on make-believe adventures in our backyard. Battling goblins to protect a far-off kingdom, with newspaper swords and plastic field hockey sticks as our horses. Sitting up-side-down on our patioContinue reading “The harvest festival & the power of make-believe”