Introduction to Dreams In-Progress

Welcome to Dreams In-Progress: a blog interview series that focuses on where Gen. Z-ers & Millennials are at in life as they pursue their dreams. I wanted to thank everyone for the support and excitement you’ve shown me. Some of my favorite responses have been people who are interested in being interviewed or telling me that they can see me creating podcasts or videos someday. I feel the love! In this introduction, I wanted to give you all more context for what I hope to do with this blog series.

Although I got this idea pretty recently, Dreams In-Progress feels like such a natural next step for my budding blog and website: to learn about the lives of others and create content that is specific yet resonant. Sometimes we read something or hear someone say something that’s so specific to their personal circumstances and feelings, yet we completely relate or feel elements of it, too. Those moments are so powerful: when hearts become connected in unexpected ways. I’ve always loved listening to people’s stories and reading about people, real or created. My name means “listener” in Arabic, after all. I’m excited to see how things come together with this blog series. Posts will hopefully go live biweekly on Saturdays, starting December 21st.

So how does this work? Truthfully, I want this series to grow as I figure it out, but here are some more insights into my thought process: I hope to interview people and invite them to collaborate in any degree that they’re interested in (i.e. they can help me draft the content after the interview or give me insight on the aesthetic). In each post, I will touch upon themes related to a person’s life: navigating identities, societal circumstances, college or post-grad life, career-building, their passions, self-care, and the processes & mindsets related to all of that. I’m fascinated to learn how people actively deal with setbacks, try out new things, or have moments of clarity that calibrate their lives. Blog posts will be Q&A style, so I hope to capture the unique quality of a person’s voice & language on the page. To clarify, the questions will be from me and the answers will be in first-person POV from the interviewee. Not only that, but stories. Stories are enticing and give us such a better understanding of the world. It will be an exciting challenge to see how storytelling comes into play in this blog interview series.

In addition to me asking questions to interviewees, we’ll get to explore resources related to their pathways: websites, organizations, books, podcasts, etc. that have been especially helpful to them. To me, it’s interesting that resources can be helpful to everyone but can resonate with certain people when received at the right time and place. You’ll also see some great pictures and curated favorites lists.

A: This series examines the experiences of Millennials & Gen. Z-ers, who are still on their way from Point A to Point B in their lives. While the people I’ll feature have a variety of academic/career backgrounds, I aim to produce content that centers diversity & storytelling. My first interviews will feature college seniors and recent graduates to learn how they envision their futures. Dreams In-Progress wonders about the nonlinearity of pathways. I love learning about people’s mindsets and processes as they’re figuring out what they want to do in life.

I will be interviewing people to explore…
– How they’re taking steps toward their aspirations
– How they’re feeling in this chapter of their lives
– What challenges + aha! moments they’ve had
– What resources that have helped them along their journeys

A: The people I know in different areas of my life are all so complex and resilient. The conversations I’ve had during this early post-grad stage of my life have inspired me and affirmed that I’m not alone. I want to share stories, thoughts, and reflections that are specific yet resonant. I’m excited to see what unexpected themes and deep thoughts arise from my conversations.

Interested in knowing more about my post-grad life? Check out my 5 Post-Undergrad Lessons and my Post-Grad Monthly Blog Posts. – S.A.

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